Commercial Resource Management, LLC
since 1989



    “Am I getting the most competitive bids by conducting a Job Walk where each Contractor receives identical Specifications?”

    “Do I have Quality Control?”

    “Is my selection of roofing system

based upon all types of roofing?”

    “When I use a Consultant:

Am I paying higher fees?

Am I getting the most competitive bids?”

    “Does the Contract protect my interests?”

    “When contracting directly with a Roofer, can I guarantee the system is installed correctly?”

    “Am I misled by the Contractor hiring out as a Consultant?”

    “Am I obtaining the necessary Releases?”

    “Can I utilize my time more effectively by calling CRM?”

    “Which kind of roofing material

represents the best choice

for my building?”

“Can I specify Special Conditions correctly?”

    “Can I expertly inspect my existing roofing to analyze my needs?”