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Roofing Systems - Technical Details

  1. Cool Roof - Characteristics, Features, Code Approvals

  2. Plasticized and Rubberized Roofing - Polymer Chemistries and How To Choose

  3. Built Up Asphalt Roofing - Cautions and Temperature Study Results

  4. Roofing Materials Comparison Report, Commercial Low Slope - Complete Systems Analysis and Comparison Report (Requires Free Registration)

Roofing Problems and Solutions

  1. Roofing Project Index Page - Thumbnail Photos Link to Roofing Problem Solutions

  2. Historic Landmark - How Long Standing Tile and Flat Roof Problems Were Solved

  3. Roofing Logistics - Craned Roof Loading

  4. Coal Tar Pitch - Roof Retrofit Saved Thousands While Lasting for Decades

  5. Roofing for Posterity - High Rise, Multiple Layer APP with Urethane Roof Coating

  6. Commercial Roof Installation - Remove rock roof, install polymer membrane over new insulation

  7. Sheet Metal Roofing - Metal Roof Repair - Rescuing Neglect and Abuse