Southern California Cool Roof

Cold process cool roof systems avoid problems associated with hot asphalt roofing.

Installation is energy saving, non intrusive, renewable, and environmentally friendly.

Meets  California Title 24 Cool Roof LEED energy saving requirements.

When roof leaks, repair and maintenance costs, or the threat of increasing roof leaks in sensitive environments increase, building Owners and Managers often conclude “I need a new roof.”

If the building is air conditioned and located in California, the installation will have to comply with theTitle 24 and CRRC “Cool Roof” certification, which also meets LEED standards.

Cool roofs reduce cooling costs in air conditioned buildings, prolong the life of the roofing system, and keep non air conditioned building interiors cooler and more comfortable for workers.

White reflective surfaces that qualify as cool roofs may be applied to existing roofs with or without additional weatherproofing as a building upgrade to reduce interior building temperatures and extend roof life, or may be found in a variety of approved single ply membranes that are either mechanically attached or fully adhered.