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Commercial Roofing Services


Long Distance Services

  1. Objective third party Roofing Contractor Bid Evaluation

  2. Roof Cost Analysis

• Specification Review - in addition to cost, one must understand the exact type, quality and description, of roofing materials to be installed

• Customized Specifications include on site inspection and travel expenses. Travel expenses are additional where required.

  1. Standard Specifications include Manufacturer approved Specifications and Drawings for roof system and materials that have been selected.

Southern California Commercial Roofing Project Services

•    Roof Survey and Evaluation: A thorough initial inspection is conducted to determine composition and condition of the roofing materials and associated details. A brief follow up meeting is scheduled to: 1) review findings, 2) analyze the benefits and drawbacks characterizing the categories of roofing systems, 3) determine their applicability and 4) describe the roof Consultant's role in quality control and cost control.

•    Written Specifications and Drawings: Manufacturer approved Specifications are prepared, to include solutions to specific project conditions.

•    Contractor Pre-Bid Job Walk: Certified Contractors examine job site conditions prior to submitting bids. Special Conditions and their solutions are reviewed.

•    Bid Package and Specifications: Contractors submit bid pricing in conformity with uniform Specifications. Owner selects among bids to award Contract.

•    Comprehensive Contract Documents: Package is prepared for signatures including, Standard Contract, Time for Performance, Payment Schedule with Progress Payments, General Conditions outlining responsibilities of the parties, Specifications and Addenda.

•    Pre-Job Conference: Specific project concerns are reviewed such as start date, bins placement, billing procedures, and coordination with related trades as required.

•    Quality and Disbursement Controls: Periodic inspections are conducted to insure the application of the roof system conforms to the written Specifications. Written Progress Reports are furnished to the Owner indicating the percentage of completion for determining Progress Payment disbursement.

•    Final Inspection: A final roof inspection is provided to note, and assure the completion, of all items to be corrected prior to the final disbursement of funds to the Contractor.

•    Warranties: Long term, Labor and Material Warranties backed by the Manufacturers are available. The Contractor must submit a completed, signed, Warranty Application prior to release of the final payment.

Commercial Resource Management is not an agent of the Owner: Performance guarantees and warranties are created only between the Owner, Contractor and Manufacturer.

Key Qualifications:

        Commercial Roofing, Modified Roofing, Single Ply Roofing,

Cool Roof Energy Star Systems, Cold Process, Built Up Roofing,

Conventional and Metal Roof Repair, Roofing Evaluation, Roof Report,

Competitive Certified Contractor Bids, Roof Replacement, Retrofit, Metal Roof,

Flat roof Specialists, Roofing Consultant, Manufacturer Approved Specifications,

Quality Control.

Foam Roofing, BUR, EPDM, APP, SBS, TPO, PVC, PVC-KEE, Asbestos abatement.

Headquartered in Southern California

    Simply call Commercial Resource Management. We look for ways to make your roofing work last longer, and at the same time reduce expense by obtaining competitive bids based upon written Specifications. As your commercial roofing specialist, we turn our expertise to your advantage.

    Commercial Resource Management gives you complete Project Management

          Inspection of roof condition, perimeter flashings, and details

          Guidance in systems and material selection

          Written Specifications and Drawings - customized to your building

          Pre-Construction Meeting - competitive, certified bids

          Quality Control - inspections during the Project and at completion

          Billing and disbursement controls - Progress and Final payments

    We are looking forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers. Companies just like yours that have saved a great deal of money and time.

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